In 15 Minutes Create a Custom Mobile App Profile for Your Business that Levels the Playing Field with the Large Retailers.

GettinLocal Empowers Your Business with the Ability to Digitally Advertise to a Larger Audience

The New Era of Marketing

Connect with New and Existing Consumers 24/7 by Creating a Custom App Profile for Your Business. Integrate Your Social Media with Your App to Unify All Your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Create Brand Awareness by Marketing to a Precise Target Audience

The Old Way

Marketing Continues to Evolve. Having a Punch Card, Deferred Loyalty Points Program and Paper Coupon Booklets are Simply Outdated and Ultimately End-Up in the Trash. Having the Wrong Marketing Program, Rewards Bargain Hungry Shoppers that Have No Loyalty to Your Business.

Shop Local & Shop Loyal

Build a Mobile App Presence in Just a Few Minutes!

Powerful Marketing Tools for Your Business


Incentivize customers through mobile coupon offers or announce a special promotion regarding upcoming sales and events.


With GettinLocal, you can monitor marketing performance and learn which approaches are working best for your business. Create more value for your clients by understanding their needs and preferences. GettinLocal provides every client with access to a robust dashboard which tracks progress and details of your mobile marketing campaigns.

Keyword Search

Utilize keywords to make your business and marketing campaigns more discoverable to potential customers. Keywords that are relevant can help you multiply your opportunities exponentially.

Geo Fencing

A powerful feature which allows you to target the mobile customers within parameters of a selected geographic area. You choose the distance that makes sense for your business – from within a half-mile up to 50 miles!

Reward Loyalty

Build and reward loyalty by communicating with your regular followers via customized messages and exclusive offers. A great way to thank loyal customers!

The Most Powerful Hyper-Local Mobile App that Works with Any Business Servicing All Industries

Fine Dining

Restaurant/ Sit Down


Bar/ Lounge/ Sports Bar

Quick Service Restaurant

Pizza/ Salad/ Burgers


Movies/ Theatre/ Festivals

Health & Fitness

Gyms/ Yoga/ Health Club

Boutique Outlet

Clothing/ Jewelry/ Watches

Beauty & Spa Services

Nail/ Facials/ Spas

Hair Salon

Salon/ Blowout Out Bar/ Barber

Home and Garden

Landscaping/ Garden Center/ Hardware Store

Recreation Activity

Bike/ Boats/ Ski

Coffee Shop

Café/ Coffee Bar

Deli/ Bakery/ Catering

Deserts/ Sandwiches/ Catering


Hotels/ Resorts/ Bed & Breakfast


Car Wash/ Handy Man/ Professional


Book Store/ Vintage Clothing/ Etc

"To help small businesses level the playing field with larger retailers, a new app has emerged that gives them the ability to reach a larger audience.

GettinLocal gives businesses the opportunity to quickly create a mobile app presence that will attract new customers and give existing customers a reason to shop more frequently. The app is exclusively designed to let local businesses quickly ramp up their mobile marketing and consumer reach by utilizing digital coupons."

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