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Exclusive Mobile App Presence

Mobile apps are no longer just for large chain stores!  Building a proprietary mobile app can be expensive. The initial capital investment, plus the ongoing costs related to maintenance and support can be prohibitive. The good news is that GettinLocal has developed a powerful and affordable mobile marketing solution that is available to businesses of all sizes.

By using the GettinLocal solution, our clients can custom-design a mobile app presence that reflects their unique brand and reputation.
It’s no secret that shopping is rapidly migrating to mobile platforms. By utilizing the GettinLocal solution your business will be well positioned to compete in this new mobile marketplace.

Geo Fencing

The Geo-fence allows a business to market directly to new and existing customers that are within your chosen specific geographic market. Simply put, a geo-fence is a virtual bullseye, which allows you to market & push notifications to those within your target market area. Our technology allows your business to pick who you want to market to, when you want to communicate with them, and where they are in proximity to your business.

Reward Loyalty

The GettinLocal solution provides businesses the ability to recognize and reward their loyal customers. Whether providing a customized offer, or extending a simple Thank You … the GettinLocal solution can be used to dynamically communicate with your loyal customers. Businesses can use the GettinLocal solution to easily select the target recipients, the type of loyalty message, and the time & date the message is to be delivered. The use of paper based, or digital punch cards cannot match the power of the GettinLocal solutions.

Key Word Search

Keywords are used to make your business relevant when customers are searching for specific products and services. By selecting descriptive keywords that are specific to your services and products, you’ll be able to promote special offers to the most interested customers. When a customer is looking for products or services near your location, your business will now be relevant in their search.

Coupons and Promotions

Create proprietary coupons and incentives to encourage local consumers to buy from your business. Use promotions to announce an upcoming sale or event. By utilizing a GettinLocal solution, your business will have access to the technology that allows you the ability to fast forward to the age of digital mobile marketing.


With GettinLocal, you can monitor marketing performance and learn which approaches are working best for your business. Create more value for your clients by understanding their needs and preferences. GettinLocal provides every client with access to a robust dashboard which tracks progress and details of your mobile marketing campaigns.

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