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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was GettinLocal created?

Our Founder and CEO came up with the idea during his extensive travels. He and his family were struggling to find authentic things to do...

What if I want location services off?

Our Services may use GPS technology (or similar technology) to discover all the things to do and places to visit to identify your current location in order to...

Does GettinLocal use or sell my data?

GettinLocal may use your Personal Information to contact you regarding the Services. We may also use your Personal Information to provide services...

What is GettinLocal and how does it work?

GettinLocal is a personal e-concierge that gives you the tool to discover all the best things to do, see, visit and explore. GettinLocal is a contactless discovery...

Why do certain activities take me to Viator?

We’ve partnered with Viator, which is the largest consolidator of travel experiences and things to do worldwide.  They have handpicked tours and...

How do I get GettinLocal?

To start discovering all the things to do around you, simply go to your APP store (available on both Apple and Android) and download GettinLocal.