Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads

Small business owners, local events managers, and digital marketers alike can rejoice now that a highly effective, hyperlocal alternative to Google Local Service Ads is available. Google has dominated the internet search space for decades, cleverly ranking its own properties well above others. Listing with their local service ads comes with a hefty price tag, a big learning curve and the platform is not suitable for all business types. Today, instead, marketers can turn to GettinLocal for extensive prominence, directly at the fingertips of people searching in their neighborhoods.

Google’s Local Service Ads were created primarily to provide additional visibility to repair service businesses; most vocations include businesses that travel to the customer’s address. The premise is that a customer would not be properly served by a search result 50 miles away from his or her home as can often be the case with regular text ads serving large geographical areas.
How are Google Local Service Ads Different than Text Ads?

If you perform a desktop search for one of these vocations, i.e. plumber near me, Google uses your address to produce a trio of local search ad results above their regular text ad listings. Notice that ratings are featured in each and the Google Guaranteed text is prominently placed below it.

local service ads
Once the searcher makes a choice and clicks on the ads, he is then prompted to indicate the specific service and location he is seeking to ensure Google is making the right match for the advertiser. If that confirmation of intent does not match the advertiser’s services, the searcher is presented an alternative service listing in the search area.

So, what vocations are good matches for Google’s version of local service ads?

• Locksmiths
• Plumbers
• Garage Door
• Electricians
• Air Duct Cleaner
• Appliance Repair Service
• Auto Glass Service
• Auto Service Technician
• Carpet Cleaner
• Event Planner
• Handyman
• Home Improvement Pro
• House Cleaner
• Junk Removal Provider
• Lawn Care Provider
• Mover
• Painter
• Pest Control Technician
• Pet Care Provider
• Pet Groomer
• Photographer
• Roadside Assistance Service
• Roofer
• Tree Service Provider
• Tutor
• Upholstery Cleaner
• Water Damage Service Provider
• Window Cleaner
• Window Service Provider

None of the above industries fall into entertainment, travel, food, or things to do. If you represent any of the following industries, Google Local Service ads are not likely to be a viable option for your business:

• Museums
• Concerts
• Restaurants
• Sports Events
• Musicals
• Plays
• Theater
• Comedy Club
• Retail Stores
• Hotels
• Car Rentals
• Bed and Breakfast
• Cruises
• Watersports
• Tours

Gettinlocal was designed specifically to meet the needs of shopping, event, activity, and entertainment businesses searches by people looking for things to do nearby or visiting an area for business or leisure. Until now, there has been no suitable low-cost local ad platform to serve this market. Geotargeted mobile advertising is very expensive and accessible only through third parties marking it up for profit. Gettinlocal is a hands-on platform that omits the OTA fees to offer you highly targeted functionality that reaches your precise audience searching for your service with intent to purchase.

When you save the OTA fees, you’re in a better position to offer the best deals in your area. When you save money advertising AND are more competitive when reaching your targeted audience, you will capture more qualified leads while increasing your profits.

Google’s local service ads charge the advertiser by the lead rather than the click. Google’s regular ad platform has been charging by the click for decades which can be expensive to advertisers with high cost per click keywords. With its local ad platform, if Google sends you a bad lead, you can dispute the charge. Depending on the service area, you can pay between $7 – $30 per lead. Plus, local service ads are only available in certain, designated service areas after advertisers pass a background check. In Google’s usual fashion, the success of the campaign is based on a quality score the advertiser must first decipher – a formula calculated by location, reviews, and responsiveness. Even with the expanded local reach abilities, Google continues to keep advertisers jumping through hoops instead of focusing on their businesses.
Gettinlocal goes beyond the pay-per-click campaign platform offering emails, video ads, social media, while targeting customers in specific cities with a rich suite of hyperlocal marketing tools. Running a local campaign is FREE to advertisers and a featured campaign is only $99. You keep one hundred percent of revenues, allowing you to offer more attractive deals.

And that’s why Gettinlocal can offer the absolute best deals. Because Gettinlocal allows advertisers to retain their profits, we have become known for offering the best deals on things to do anywhere on the internet.

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