Local Business Advertising

Local Business Advertising


local business advertisingLocal business advertising should target potential customers in the vicinity of the business’s location. People who live within ten miles of a restaurant are more likely to visit that restaurant than people who live further away. It just makes sense for local businesses to target their audience by location, using a radius from the business’s physical location.

How wide a radius should you cast your advertising net? That really depends on the type of business you offer. If your business is so unique that the service/product you offer cannot be found anywhere else in the area, people will travel farther to obtain it. You might have a specialized skill such as custom furniture making with no nearby competition and your ideal customers may be willing to take a drive to find you. But if your service or product is more common, like a coffee shop, people may want to pop out during their workday to grab a cup of coffee, traveling to the location closest to their place of employment. Understanding how far your customer is willing to travel to obtain your service should guide your decisions in audience targeting.

What are the Best Advertising Options for a Local Business?

The answer to that question really depends on the type of business you are talking about. If your business provides a service at the customer’s location, you may benefit from using Google Local Ads.

Some local publishers offer advertising space on their websites, yet display advertising has a low click through rate and relying on a single, local website rarely amounts to adequate exposure. That website might offer a high number of pageviews to the geographical area your business serves; however, the targeting is broad, reaching all ages and demographics. Unless the website is a niche website closely related to your business, most of that exposure is wasted because you cannot fine-tune your audience targeting.

To receive widespread exposure, your options are quite limited. You can target areas by zip code and radius using Google ads; however, your costs can be hefty depending on the value of your keywords. Within that radius, you must still further narrow your audience demographically. For instance, if your potential customers are businesses, then you must narrow your audience to eliminate residential addresses or risk wasting most of your budget.

If your business offers travel, hospitality, entertainment, or food related services, the Gettinlocal app is a much better alternative. What better way to be competitive than to offer better deals than your competitors? We make it possible by eliminating OTA fees! When you save money in advertising dollars, you increase your profits and can still be profitable while extending a lower rate to your potential customers.
Gettinlocal is FREE for local business. Use it to promote your business with emails, social media, video and more. Featured ads are only $99.
Most local searches occur on mobile phones. That is why the Gettinlocal app is the ideal platform to reach your perspective customers. Reach your customers where they live, search and travel within 300 feet or up to 50 miles away. Gettinlocal is today’s solution to effective local business advertising, reaching people looking for a business like yours.

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