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Our high-tech targeting engine makes it easy for businesses to get in front of local and visiting customers so they can discover your business effortlessly. Our geo-targeting tools are hyper-local and allow you to automatically push digital ad campaigns into the hands of new customers.

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Sales Channel

Our digital self-service ad campaign platform and real-time data and analytics dashboard is revolutionizing how hospitality and travel businesses get in front of new customers with measurable results.

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Self-Service Platform

Our user-friendly self-service platform allows you to create and manage digital ad campaigns easily.

Customers are Yours

We bring in your booking platform, and the customer is yours! So, you keep 100% of the revenue, and you have access to your own customer's information.

Targeted Engagement

Leverage hyperlocal geo-targeting to automatically push your business and campaign directly to new customers.

Data & Analytics

With 24-7 access to your private dashboard, you can monitor real-time analytics to accurately measure and track your ROI.

Create conversations with your customers even after they leave

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When customers download GettinLocal at your business, our innovative technology links that customer to your GettinLocal Message Center and automatically makes them followers of your business.

Our Message Center creates immediate connections with your followers through direct push-alert messaging and campaigns managed in-house in just a few easy steps.

This powerful messaging feature creates a new, seamless marketing tool to drive loyalty, follower engagement, and repeat business!

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Why Advertise on GettinLocal?

Customer Acquisition

Reduce high costs to find customers through Google Ads and Social Media.

Easy to Measure ROI

Measure and track ROI with the GettinLocal real-time analytics dashboard.

Keep 100% of the Profits

There’s no revenue share for campaigns – you keep what you earn every time.

What Customers are Saying about GettinLocal

“We saw immediate conversions and new sales when we joined GettinLocal!”

Maverick Helicopter

“GettinLocal is a contactless in-destination platform that allows us to better engage with our guests.”

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