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I really like the GettinLocal app because it shows me all of the fun things that are nearby. Also many of the businesses have some really sweet deals!!!

Steven P.

Recently a friend told me to downloaded the GettinLocal app … and I am happy that I did. This app helps me discover great places to visit that are only a short trip from my home. It’s a good app to help you plan your weekend adventures.

Samantha S.

Having lived on Long Island we thought we knew all there was to do in NYC until we discovered the Getting’ Local app. I used it to plan the entire day. We found hot little shopping spots to visit for my daughter and then went to a really cool augmented reality experience.

The Johnson Family

As a local tour operator, I like that the GettinLocal App, charges me NO OTA fees and that I can reach new customers at any time.

Benjamin A.

As an owner of a boutique hotel, GettinLocal does not charge me high commissions for sales. Even better, by having customers check out on our webpage, we can now have a loyalty program and benefit them with future incentives.

Ronald F.

It’s amazing how this app finds attractions that I never knew existed. Amazing finds!

Arthur Z.

The GettinLocal app makes my life so much easier when I am looking for things to do with my kids. So many things around me are at my fingertips.

Lisa R.
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