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Offers and Advertising

A business can create exclusive offers/discounts to attract local travelers and local residents or simply promote their business so consumers can learn more.

It’s very simple and takes only minutes. Visit: www.GettinLocal.com and register your business. After you set-up up your account, you can go back to: Business Login on GettinLocal.com anytime to view all the details and the progress of your campaign. Each time you sign-in you will need to log-in using the email address and password you assigned to your Business account.

GettinLocal is a digital platform with unlimited capabilities to run as many campaigns as you want to appeal to hyperlocal audiences.

The customer can learn more about the offer from the GettinLocal app and connect to your website and social media to learn more.

The GettinLocal app works with both e-commerce check out sites and retail Point of Sale (POS) systems allowing customers to make purchases.

The GettinLocal app allows customer to redeem offers in both a retail and e-commerce environments.

Visitors are directed to the checkout site of your preference.

The customer pays the business 100% of the revenues. There are NO COMMISSION or OTA fees.

GettinLocal has a rewards and loyalty messaging platform that empowers businesses to send out custom messages to those consumers following your business.

Sign in to your Business account. Within the GettinLocal Dashboard you can learn who is engaging with your business and what campaigns are most popular.

Sign in to your Business account. Within the GettinLocal Dashboard you can access analytics.

GettinLocal works like a beacon but without the hardware. You can geo target from 300 Feet to 50 Miles.

One of the benefits of being a featured business is that GettinLocal sends out weekly email blast by states. Featured businesses and local businesses that want to be on email will benefit from being included in GettinLocal weekly blasts that are created and distributed from our team.

GettinLocal is an e-concierge on demand. It is the first self-serve ad platform that lets your business get discovered with a hyperlocal audience and connects it with right customer at the right time. With NO 3rd party OTA (Other Travel Agencies) fees, you can reach thousands of customers at any moment based on their location.

GettinLocal uses GPS location so consumers can discover deals and information for local business at any moment on a mobile device. With digital promotions, offer and details can be changed in real-time. Additionally, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are not comfortable touching paper or coupon booklets.

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