GettinLocal is the first Mobile Marketing - App Engine. We have developed this platform to be self-service, which empowers any business to be able to control the delivery of Hyper-Local digital ads to a precise target audience.


On a summer afternoon, the three Co- Founders of GettinLocal (Vito, Pete, Shawn) met for a casual lunch meeting on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. During that meeting Vito presented a new business concept, which has never been done before. By the end of that meeting, and after discussing a range of scenarios the three founders had drafted, the plans for a new mobile solution that would basically change the digital marketing industry for everyone. The foundation of their vision was … Let’s build the first self-service mobile platform that empowers any business with the ability to create digital ads within a hyper local marketplace. One mobile app that can connect a consumer to all businesses and events around them.

The Founders

We are a passionate team with diverse backgrounds that span high-finance, digital media to high-tech. Check us out!

Vito Pagano

President / CEO

Vito is a serial entrepreneur that has successfully started and sold 3 companies. Vito pioneered an industry in 2009 and scaled that company to be the largest merchant services auditing company in the country. The software that Vito and his team developed was acquired by a PE Group in 2016. In 2017 Vito developed a REIT ( Real Estate Investment Trust) and currently holds several commercial real estate investment properties throughout NYC. Vito is passionate about starting and successfully scaling businesses.

Peter Daly

Chief Operating Officer

Pete has an extensive career, which has always been centered around working closely with businesses of all sizes to modernize their  payment acceptance environments. Prior to GettinLocal, Pete was Head of Visa US Acquiring sales where he helped guide the advancement of new payment technologies and functionality. As co-founder of GettinLocal, Pete is passionate about creating a mobile solution that levels the playing field for all businesses and provides mobile users with a vibrant and hyper-local experience.

Shawn Smith

Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Shawn is a technofile who has built and managed product development teams across several industries including finance, entertainment and media. He holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard University and Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University. Shawn has built out digital businesses across the United States. Skills abound, Shawn has command over the technical inner-workings of software products, complex digital intricacies of digital marketing to the financial engineering of product and business revenue models.