GettinLocal FAQ's

Mobile Customers

Why should I use the GettinLocal mobile app?
You will receive relevant offers, coupons and promotions from local merchants. You will be helping support local businesses that are the foundation of your neighborhood, town, or city.

What does it cost to download and use the GettinLocal app?
It is free to download the GettinLocal mobile app.

Can mobile coupons be shared with others?
Yes, they can easily be shared with friends and family. Please note - To use the coupons, they must have the GettinLocal app download on their phone.

Can I save coupons for future use?
Yes, you can save coupons and promotional messages within your app.

How will I receive coupons and promotions?
Your GettinLocal mobile app will display current offers based on your location and preferences. In addition, you will also receive mobile alerts that will be linked to your GettinLocal Inbox.

Can I search for coupons, products, services or a specific merchant?
Yes, you can simply search by business category, merchant name, or by keywords.

Can I select a merchant as a favorite?
Absolutely, when you find a merchant that you really like you can select them as a Favorite. A merchant that is designated as a favorite can keep you updated on their latest offers and activities.

How do I receive offers for things that interest me?
We encourage our mobile clients to complete and regularly update their GettinLocal profile. This profile will allow businesses to send you offers that interest you.

What makes GettinLocal different than other mobile marketing apps?
GettinLocal provides the mobile customers with a simple, yet powerful, tool designed to bring the best local offers to your mobile device and can work with local business across all industries.

Business Customers

What are the key benefits of becoming a GettinLocal merchant?
GettinLocal provides all types of business with an extremely cost-effective way to establish an exclusive mobile app presence. Your mobile presence can be used to extend offers, customer messages, coupons, and promotions to new and existing customers. The GettinLocal tools can be used to help a business grow and maintain your local customer base.

Can I use GettinLocal to attract new customers?
Yes, you can use the powerful GettinLocal campaign creator and messaging tool to publish targeted offers to new customers that are within your markets.

Can I use GettinLocal to reward loyal and repeat customers?
Absolutely, by utilizing the GettinLocal campaign creator you can send targeted offers and messages to your loyal customers.

How can I send coupons and promotions to customers that are local to my business?
It’s easy! You can publish offers & promotions utilizing geo-fencing parameters.

Is it expensive to become a GettinLocal client?
No, the GettinLocal mobile marketing solution has been engineered to be highly functional yet affordable. There will be a basic monthly package which delivers all of the GettinLocal mobile marketing services. Should a business have greater needs, they can simple pay a modest fee to add more capacity.

Do I need to sign a long-term participation agreement?
No, a merchant can use their GettinLocal solution for as long or as short of a time as they want. There are no termination fees.

Do I need to pay GettinLocal any fees or a percentage of my redeemed sales?
No, unlike the fee structure employed by many of the generic coupon services, GettinLocal does not charge a fee, or a percentage based fee on individually redeemed coupons.

How do I make my business more visible and discoverable to mobile consumers in my local area?
It’s easy, with GettinLocal you will be able to harness the power of keyword tags for your overall business profile, as well as for each published coupon.

Can I refer new merchants to GettinLocal?
Yes, GettinLocal has created an exciting referral participation program. Once a referral participant is approved by GettinLocal, they can begin to earn incentives based on the marketing activities generated by the businesses that they refer to GettinLocal. For more details, please check out the referral participation program details on the GettinLocal website.