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GettinLocal - Brings Local business and Customers Together!

Consumer Features

Get Great Deals
The GettinLocal app presents you with great deals directly from your favorite local businesses. GettinLocal will present you with the most relevant deals based on your interests and current location.

On the Move
Are you always on the move... No Problem! The GettinLocal Mobile app will deliver immediate updates on Coupons and Promotions that are near to you during your travels. For your convenience when you find a deal that interests you, it can always be saved for later use.

Searching for Deals
When you have a need to find a specific business, product or service you can simply enter those keywords into our powerful search tool. The GettinLocal search will present you with a broad range of available deals within your search parameters.

Coupons Redemption
Redeeming coupons at your favorite business is easy. Simply present your coupon code to the cashier/server, or redeem online when available.

The GettinLocal mobile app allows you to easily share coupons & promotions with your friends. You can also send your friends an invitation to download the GettinLocal Mobile app.

GettinLocal - Brings Local Business and Customers Together!

Business Features

GettinLocal is revolutionizing the way small and midsized businesses are utilizing mobile marketing to communicate with their customers.

Mobile App Presence
GettinLocal business clients will now be able to create their own personalized mobile app presence. 

The GettinLocal solution provides businesses of all sizes with a powerful mobile marketing platform which is rich with features, yet very affordable.

Coupons & Promotions
The GettinLocal mobile platform will allow our clients to leverage the power of digital coupons & promotions, target marketing, geo-fencing, keywords, and in-app messaging.

Recognize Loyal Customers
Rewarding loyal customers is easy with GettinLocal! There’s is no longer a need for paper and/or digital punch-cards or costly points management solutions.

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive market, businesses that use GettinLocal simply can easily make themselves more widely visible to existing and potential customers.